Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Arsenal vs Sheffield united:

Arsenal by winning the Sheffield united by a goal difference of 6-0 had made a history in the football career. After winning Bolton in an away match (epl), the young team had proven their talent in the carling cup third round. Carlos vela, the 18 year old boy had scored a hat-trick in this match and Wilshere, Bendtner had also added their goals to their team. Manu, Liverpool had also won the points and they are also marching to the next round along with arsenal. This weekend arsenal is going to against Hull city at home. Arsenal is now at the top of the epl table and they have to win the future matches in order to retain the top spot.

Friday, September 19, 2008

This weekend Bolton VS Arsenal

Arsenal, after a smart performance in the uefa will definitely look for a big break through in epl.though they won the previous epl match against Blackburn with a great goal difference of 4-0, they should really work hard to break the Bolton strong team. Nasri, one of the key player of arsenal (came to arsenal this summer) will miss the clash against Bolton this weekend. The others players Tomas Rosicky, Diaby, Bischoff and striker Eduardo are also in the sidelined list. In this match, Walcott will be the key for winning the match. The midfielder’s should help the forward by their good passing skills. There is an interesting rival match, this weekend Manu vs Chelsea. So this weekend will be really a good feast to football fans.

Arsenal VS Dynamo Kiev

After losing to Liverpool in the last year uefa champions league quarterfinals, arsenal had now come back with some lot of expectations. Arsenal belonging to group G, they first started their race against dynamo Kiev. This is an away match for arsenal. There was some irregular passing between the arsenal players at the start of the play. The first half ended goalless and in the second half, dynamo Kiev scored their first goal in the league which is a penalty followed by the mistake of sagna.After that arsenal player showed some passion in the game. At the 88th minutes an equalizing goal had been scored by the captain gallas and the match ended with a compromising result 1-1(draw).Again this both teams will meet in the arsenal’s home match to race for their group stage place. Let’s hope a good play in the future

Friday, September 12, 2008


Australia after winning a ODI series against Bangladesh, is now coming to the land of Tigers to encounter Indians. They are going to play 4 test matches in different Indian grounds. Indians though they have won the ODI series against Srilanka, they have not performed well in their previous test series. The four senior batsmen’s didn’t play up to their mark in the past. I think they have to learn from their mistakes and they should perform well to win the series against the giant Australians, who were really performing well against all teams in test matches. Let’s Hope the Best.